15 Reasons Why You Need to Marry Your Girlfriend Who Loves Football

Surely, having a girlfriend is generally a happy experience. She should ideally make you happy, complete you, and most importantly, understand you.

Nothing says “understanding” like someone who actively participates in what it is that you love doing in addition to appreciating it.

Yes, having a partner who enjoys sports takes great to a whole new level for a variety of reasons that enhance your already wonderful relationship.

Here are 15 reasons why having a girlfriend who loves football is simply the best:

1. Watching the game won’t get you in trouble.

She’ll probably be waiting for kickoff on the couch with the cold beer and wings. Must I say more?

2. She is a unique breed; you won’t ever find another one.

Sincerely, get married to a female if you’re fortunate enough to discover one who appreciates football as much as you do. You won’t find another woman like her because these kinds of women are rare.

3. She’ll probably consume all of that awful food alongside you.

We all know that food like wings, burgers, fries, and beer is bad for our bodies. But when it’s time to watch a major game, we hardly ever care, and a woman who understands how much it enhances the sports-watching experience won’t either.

4. She is friendlier to your football buddies.

If she is truly knowledgeable, she will probably engage them in conversation and possibly impart a few lessons. Plus, your friends will love her! Who doesn’t like someone who can compete in any discussion involving sports?

5. On Sundays, she never makes plans.

When your girlfriend arranges a surprise for the two of you, it’s cute. But when she does that throughout the day, it’s not that charming.

However, since Sunday afternoons are sacred to you both, such a situation is unimaginable.

6. She most likely wears one of those trendy jerseys.

One of the most subtly adorable things your girlfriend can do is wear that fitted NFL women’s jersey. She might even impress your friends with her collection of retro international football shirts

7. You won’t ever need to explain.

Ever try to explain how a football “down” works? The baseball pick-off, perhaps? Basketball fouls that are deliberate? Soccer or hockey offsides?

It’s a torturously awful process, but if you have a sports-loving partner, it can be completely avoided.

8. She knows what gifts to buy you without your asking.

Let’s face it: you aren’t going to receive those game tickets, the jersey you wanted, or the ideal piece of memorabilia unless your girlfriend is psychic. If your girl isn’t like sports, that is.

9. At a game, you can go on dates.

The most successful dates are those that appeal to her passions. That is merely a fact. Simply put, being able to do that while attending a live game is a gift from heaven.

10. You can rely on her to succeed in your fantasy football league.

Let’s face it, your lads are typically the ones best suited to assist you in winning your fantasy league, and they are likely also a part of it.

If your girlfriend shares your passion for sports, you may easily prevent a conflict of interest in that situation.

11. She won’t care whether it’s chilly at the game.

It’s kind of lame to have to hold someone while everyone else is screaming and cheering. It’s difficult to even grumble about the icy weather if you’re genuinely paying attention to the game, though.

And if your partner shares the same concern, well, doesn’t it simply make everything that much better?

12. You don’t worry about what she’ll say.

When a girl claims to love sports, most guys immediately start questioning her. Being a female devotee has its irritating aspects, unfortunately.

However, you wouldn’t ever worry about what a woman who watches as many games as you do may say. This brings us to the following point.

13. She won’t interrupt you while playing games.

Nothing is more aggravating than watching a game while getting distracted by someone, turning your head, and missing a play that will be discussed endlessly on “SportsCenter” the following day.

Even worse is when the offender is your girlfriend, someone you can’t truly be angry with.

14. She comprehends why it’s so important to you.

Once the Jets’ loss last night has destroyed your entire week, the incorrect person will attempt to make fun of you (just, you know, for instance). From there, things could quickly turn for the worst.

The next thing you know, you’re discussing how she squeezes the toothpaste’s middle too frequently and how you two need a break. You are not in need of this.

15. You’ll never have a better girlfriend than her.

Listen, it’s probably not a good idea to compare girlfriends in your free time.

However, if something is that simple, as it generally is when you have a stunning female who embarrassed your sons during the most recent Messi vs. Ronaldo dispute, you might as well be proud of it.