7 Benefits of Instagram Brands Likely Don’t Know

7 Benefits of Instagram Brands Likely Don’t Know

There’s more to Instagram than being envious of your friends’ travel pics.

While it may be painful to go through your feed and view pictures from your friends’ exotic vacations while you’re stuck at the office, Instagram has many valuable applications.

If you’re not already aware of these seven Instagram advantages, you should be.

Every Day, New Companies and Individuals Join

Instagram’s popularity as a shopping tool is not surprising, given that more than 25 million companies use the platform to promote their products and services.

Customers in today’s age of immediate gratification in retail are increasingly interested in visual content to aid in their purchasing selections.

Finding (and Re-Finding) Your Desired Customers Is a Breeze

We understand how important it is to reach the correct people with your advertisements. But how exactly does Instagram assist you in communicating with your core demographic?

If you’re familiar with Facebook advertising, you know the breadth and depth of your potential customer base.

Instagram’s built-in automatic targeting features also provide a head start in identifying potential customers who will like your products.

Look at our Instagram advertising dimensions and sizes guide for additional details.

Knowing Your Audience

A common concern for firms is figuring out their target customers and where they like to purchase.

Many companies and stores view Instagram as a game played mostly by teenagers and young adults.

However, a recent Pew Research study indicated that 35% of all persons in the United States use Instagram, with 40% of those in the 30-49 age range using the service.

make the most of Instagram’s many visual advertising tools

We’ve already discussed how the availability of high-quality photos and other forms of visual content encourages purchases by giving consumers a better idea of what they’re buying.

However, it does not follow that you should upload new product photographs and videos daily.

Smarter Instagram advertising strategies are helping retailers reach more consumers.

In addition, companies and merchants are producing higher-quality content on Instagram now that they know the sizes and features their audience prefers.

Interact With Clients In Their Preferred Environments

Instagram has approximately 800 million monthly users, with over 500 million logging in at least once daily.

It’s remarkable how much time people spend on Instagram, making it a prime platform for companies and merchants to interact with their customer base.

Evidence suggests that most Instagram users (about 80%) follow at least one commercial enterprise.

The visual platform is excellent for companies who don’t want to inundate their customers with advertisements and company news.

Instead, if you encounter visual content you enjoy, you can interact with it on Instagram like you do when you follow people.

Expand Your User-Generated Content

Trust in your brand and its products can broadly be established through user-generated content.

Why? Simply put, individuals have more faith in one another than corporations.

54% of U.S. shoppers aged 18-29, according to the same e-commerce Snapshot survey, regarded user-generated content such as photographs and videos to be more helpful than retail or brand-created visuals.

Moreover, buyer age brackets outside the core millennial market actively seek out user-generated content.

About half of individuals in the 30-44 age range agreed with this statement.

Furthermore, Instagram is a great place to solicit user-generated material because not only is it plentiful, but it’s also simple to request from your audience.

Companies like Southwest frequently share customer-generated material on their social media channels.

It gives You Deep Information About Your Readership

Now we know how crucial it is to research who you’re talking to.

Instagram is an excellent tool for learning more about people, including who they are, where they’re from, and what they enjoy and dislike.

Being active in an online community serves several purposes.

If you monitor trending hashtags in your field, you can learn about people’s worries, triumphs, and general state of mind.

Always-Evolving Ads and Content-Based Marketing Features

Instagram understands that your primary goals are to increase revenue and promote exposure to your company.

They get what you’re trying to do with Instagram as a marketing tool and offer you the means to do it.

The social media platform built in purchasing and marketing experiences so that marketers could promote their products without disrupting users’ ability to use the service.

Instagram Story ads also allow you to include clickable links and product tag windows for instantaneous information gathering.

With frequent changes geared at companies, this is one of the most popular places for shops and brands to advertise their wares.

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