Audi RS3 And R8: Carbon Fiber Parts, Accessories, And Lighting

Audi RS3

Audi RS3 and R8 are high-performance luxury sedans that are powered by a 2.5-liter TFSI five-cylinder engine. These models produce impressive horsepower of 400 and 500 Nm torque for delivering exhilarating performance. Audi RS models are known for their signature sounds from the distinctive five-cylinder engine that thrusts emotions. If you have an initial Audi RS model, you might want to get it modified to enhance its performance, appearance, and overall driving experience. Here are some popular modifications you can consider for your Audi RS3:

  1. Carbon fiber parts:

Upgrading Audi RS8 carbon fiber parts in your car can provide you with a sportier and more aggressive appearance. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and durable material used in spoilers, front lips, and mirror caps. Adding carbon fiber to the front lips helps improve the aerodynamics and makes the front look stylish. You can get a Carbon fiber side skirt, mirror caps, rear diffuser, interior trim, and engine cover to upgrade to a premium look. Make sure you purchase all these parts from a reputable manufacturer to ensure quality products are being installed.

  1. Lighting upgrades:

Lighting upgrades for your Audi would not just lift its appearance but also give more safety and visibility. You can enhance your car with Audi sport door projector lights, sequential turn lights, interior LED lighting, adaptive headlights, etc. These lights improve the aesthetics of your car and have sensors for automatic dimming and lighting. 

  1. Steering wheel upgrades:

Add a touch of personalization and improve your driving experience with new and improved steering wheels for your Audi RS3. you can get a full custom steering wheel installed to replace your old stock steering wheel. These powerful steerings are made from premium materials such as leather, Alcantara, or carbon fiber for Audi RS3 to give a better feel and performance. They can be customized in various colors. You can also add a steering wheel trim which adds trim accents around the buttons for a more sporty and cool look.

  1. License plate frame:

Why be stuck with the traditional license plate when you can go for a fresh look? Upgrade your license plate to a more trendy and aesthetically appealing plate by adding a carbon fiber license plate frame to it. These voguish heavy-duty frames are corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, weather-resistant, and fade-resistant. 

  1. Exhaust upgrade:

Upgrading the exhaust system design will enhance the sound and performance of your Audi. those who love cars know how emotional exhaust sounds are. You can ameliorate the stock exhaust with a high-flow performance outlet with an Audi R8 carbon fiber quad-style exhaust or a silver/ black stainless steel slant 6” ovals as well.

  1. Paddle and gear shifter:

You can improve the ergonomics of your Audi with an Alcantara shifter and stunning Urus-style carbon paddle shifters. Replace your old shift knob with the aftermarket aluminum knobs to give a modern touch to your car. Go for a Urus-style paddle shifter with a 2×2 weave and UV protection in different colors to match the overall theme and style of your car.

  1. Renew badge:

Has your Audi badge faded or broken? You can always get a new one! Renew your Audi RS3 badge with the new sleek and stylish badge in high-quality stainless steel for a more sophisticated and classy look. These new badges are created to stay intact and rust-free in adverse conditions to make them timeless.

Give your Audi RS3 a whole new look with premium aftermarket products. Make sure you get you to get your car modified by reputable brands that offer proper fitment, compatibility, and diverse colors and designs to choose from.