Guidelines for Wearing artificial jewellery with ethnic Salwar Suit & Sarees

Guidelines for Wearing artificial jewellery with ethnic Salwar Suit & Sarees

One of the most beautiful traditional outfits available to women is the saree and salwar suit. Because it is such a dynamic piece of clothing, you can dress it as you like, it is the perfect option for a particular celebratory occasion, a party, or even simply for regular wear. Additionally, it’s simple to select a piece of artificial jewellery that complements your saree because of the variety of options accessible nowadays, like pearl, Kundan, meenakari, and American diamond jewellery. Let’s see the type of saare and jewelry match at first.

Types of saree and matching jewelry :

1. Silk saare 

Gold-plated south indian jewellery is the ideal complement if your silk sari has a gold zari border. Consider meenakari, ruby, emerald, and Polki stones if you have picked a saree with a silver zari border. They will offer you a simple, regal, and majestic feeling when you pair them with Kundan artificial jewellery. You may even accessorize your silk sarees with golden Kundan jewelry to create a unique look. Kundan chokers and other golden neckpieces complement your bulky silk sarees.

A silk saree should not be worn with silver. Silk sarees with golden Zari will suit well with gold jewelry that has a yellowish tinge.

2. Chiffon, Crepe, Organza, and Satin Suits & Sarees

You only need fragile, beautiful, and stunning jewelry to accessorize evening wear sarees made of chiffon, crepe, organza, and satin. Dark-colored sarees look best with necklaces and earrings that feature zircons or diamonds, while pastel hues look best with pearl chokers and stud earrings.

3. Cotton Sarees

When paired with cotton saris, jewelry made of oxidized silver enhances your appearance. Because they go nicely with casual attire like Kurtas, salwar kameez, or white shirts and trousers, they are a must-have addition to your jewelry collection. Your cotton saree would also appear new with a simple thin gold chain or earthen jewelry.

Tips to buy artificial jewellery with Ethnic wear

Here are some ideas to help you select the ideal imitation jewellery set for your ethnic wear.

1. Use Fascinating color combos with Kundan artificial jewellery

Warm color sarees like those in the hues of red, yellow, orange, and maroon complement golden jewelry surprisingly well. Consider wearing ethnic jewellery set in Kundan, pearl diamond, or white stone jewelry for cooler hues. Any warm-colored saree can be worn with the classy and regal Bracelet, which is sure to turn heads.

2. Wear a pearl kundan set

As versatile as any piece of jewellery may be, Kundan pearl jewellery is. They complement all fashions and are ideal for a variety of contexts, including formal and festive gatherings. Additionally stunning is the Kundan pearl ethnic necklace worn with silk sarees. The stunning and enticing Swarajshop Necklace Set is an example of a piece that looks stunning worn with any saree & salwar suit.

3. Give a shoot to an artificial necklace like a Choker set

A terrific method to add some style and subtlety to your appearance is with a choker necklace. For a regal impact, pair it with a high-neck blouses. These combinations are fantastic for big occasions like weddings and receptions. For these purposes, the kundan bridal choker set from Swarajshop is the ideal choice. The choker styles are so much in trend that it looks best with all outfits.

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4. Choose artificial jewellery that suits the best skin tone

The skin tone of the wearer is essential for making jewelry stand out and sparkle. Generally speaking, skin that is warmer in tone enhances the appearance of jewelry that has a golden hue. Gold jewelry looks gorgeous against this kind of skin tone. However, diamond and Kundan-colored jewelry is the way to go if you have a lighter skin tone.

Choose heavy Kundan jewelry or Classic Necklace Jewelry for Sarees if your blouse is sleek and has a deep front neck. To get all types of artificial jewellery types with ethenic outfits shop artificial jewellery online with Swarajshop.