How Notion App Helps to Organize Dissertation Research

organize research in Notion

Dissertation writing is very difficult because it requires in-depth knowledge, thorough research, time, and focus. To write a good dissertation, you need a platform to write and research the data about the topic. The Notion app is a place where you can easily complete your dissertation. You can also organize research in Notion for your dissertation. Most students don’t feel familiar with this app. They don’t know how to organize research in Notion. Due to this, they avoid using this app. They don’t know how this app helps to complete a dissertation.

It would be best to read this article to know how the Notion app helps organize dissertation research. This article will help you understand how to organize research in Notion. Before discussing this, you first have to understand the concept of Notion.

What is the Notion App?

It is an adaptable multi-functional platform. Using this app, you can write and manage dissertations, documents, projects, research, and many others. Notion app is very flexible in every sense. You can easily design your own workstation using this app.

Most apps like Mendeley and Zotero only provide a list of your dissertations, articles, and other documents.  But the Notion app is not like other apps. It has multiple customization opportunities and note-handling drives.

Organize Research in Notion for Dissertation

You must use multiple different software to save your dissertations, writing documents, and notes. But the Notion app is different from other software. At the start, you may not understand the wider applications of this app. You can organize dissertation research using this app. Here are the following points that you can do using the Notion app:

  • You can develop a summary of your literature using this app.
  • You can create a bibliography with the help of the Notion app.
  • It helps to develop an outline or plan for your dissertation research.
  • You can track your dissertation’s writing and research data using this app.
  • You can use the Notion app to store the author’s information of your source.
  • You can also use it to save the image and table you collect from any source.

How Notion App Helps to Organize Dissertation Research

Here are some ways that show how you can organize research in Notion for your dissertation:

Allow to Save Dissertation Research Project

You can save your dissertation research project using the notion app. The research project manager section in the Notion app allows you to store relevant data about the topic. You can also set the deadline for your dissertation in this app.

It has the feature of a relational database. You can obtain benefits from this feature. Using this feature, you can collect and read articles, journals, research papers, and many others related to your topic. You can take an image of the required information from different articles. These images help you when you are writing your dissertation.

Allow to Save References of the Sources

References are the main part of dissertation writing. You must save the references of the sources while researching. So that you can include those references in your dissertation. During organized research in Notion, you can save the references of different sources. The Notion app has a feature of a reference database. This feature is used to save all references related to your dissertation topic. It is one of the best features of Notion. You can also create different styles of references at the same time.

The general reference style using this feature is:

  • The topic of the source you select.
  • Its date of publication.
  • Digital Objective Identifier (DOI)
  • The URL where the source is available
  • Summary of Literature
  • How the source has been cited for research.

You can also save the source in your favorite list if you find it interesting and informative. You can also write and save the references on your own in this app for later use.

Save the Information of the Author

However, including references is most important, but what will you do if you forget about the author? The Notion app helps you in this matter. It has the feature of an author database. Using this feature, you can easily save the information of the source’s author. The author’s information will help you when you start including the references.

Help to Write a Summary

The Notion app helps you in writing a summary. After writing the summary, you can copy it into the research data section. By doing this, you can easily understand the topic. There is another best feature of this app. Using this feature, you can covert the research data and information into the Kanban board.

The Kanban board is a way to manage your dissertation research. Using this, you are able to transfer the data into different tags. However, if you can’t write the summary for your dissertation, hire British dissertation writing services. Their experts will write it for you.

Allow you to take images and tables

The Notion app has a feature called gallery database view. Using this feature, you can scan any image relevant to your topic from the gallery. After scanning, it will provide you with different articles, journals, and research papers related to the image. This is the most easiest way to find relevant data and information about the topic.

Using an image is more efficient than remembering the author’s name, the article’s title, and the website where it is available.

Keep Track of Your Dissertation Research Process

Using the Notion app, you can always be updated with the research process for your dissertation. It will inform you what information you have collected and what type of information you need further.


Dissertation writing is a very important and tough part of writing. You need to submit a well-written and well-researched dissertation to your professor to obtain good grades. To write an excellent dissertation, you must research well. For this sake, you can use the Notion app. You can organize research in Notion for your dissertation. This app is very flexible. You can perform several tasks using this app, such as researching, writing, and many others.