How To Use a Square Tree Planter Inside Your Workplace?

Your work environment should be more than just where you’re tired and overwhelmed. It should also be a place that supports your productivity and boosts your creativity. You can add plants to your workplace, which is linked to improved brain function, happiness, and focus. We at Plantz offer Square Tree Planter to make your work environment more beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

What used to be a dirty, dull space of many surprises is now a place where you can concentrate and relax. You’ll also benefit from reducing your time looking for misplaced tools and pencils. With the rustic-inspired design of our Square Tree Planter, your office will look stylish -and more importantly- it will feel like a home office.

Benefits of Installing Square Tree Planter

  • Improved mood

With Square Tree Planter, you can reduce harmful stress, improve your focus level, and boost your overall well-being. That will also help you feel more relaxed and perform better at work.

  • Better Health

When you place a plant in the office, it helps reduce stress levels. Since stress is a significant factor in many diseases and illnesses, this will keep you healthier overall. It also lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  • A more beautiful and clean workplace

With Square Tree Planter, you can make your office look more beautiful so that it’ll be neat, boosting productivity.

  • Boost creativity

Planting a plant inside your workspace provides plenty of opportunities to boost creativity. Studies have shown that plants can increase our creativity by as much as 30%. Using Plants to boost creativity at work has been practised since the 1990s.

  • Additional storage space

One of Square Tree Planter’s most significant advantages is its excellent storage solution, which will help you keep your workplace clean and organized. They can hold your books, notebooks, and anything else you need to access frequently. You can also use them as a place to store supplies and tools instead of having them lying around on the ground or shelves.

  • Good design and comfortable work environment

Square Tree Planter is an excellent choice for office spaces due to its rustic design, which helps it fit into any workspace. Its simplistic style can look at home in a modern or traditional office. They also have double-claw hooks that are easy to install and removable for easy storage. Our planters range from 15″ to 30″, making them ideal for small spaces or offices that are not too large.

  • Money-savvy

Planting a plant within the office will not only boost productivity but will save you money as well. It can also help save the planet since it’s among the most sustainable office items.


Plantz has always been there for your plants and planters. We’re confident we have a solution for all of your indoor-plant needs. Square Tree Planter is affordable for any small space, big enough to hold a plant. We also have many sizes and styles of planters for that extra touch. Best of all, we’re a Trusted Seller. To place your order, contact us at 855.475.2689.