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Taxi insurance quotes

Look no further than Protect My Taxi in order to get competitive taxi insurance quotes. We offer fast and reliable protection. We have been in the taxi insurance business for a long time now without expertise and knowledge our experts can guide you well. Get yourself an insurance cover that is just right for you, that offers a high level of protection, and is easy on the pocket. To get taxi insurance quotes, simply fill out our “get a quote” form, or you can talk to one of our friendly customer representatives. But we get into the pricing and rates. It’s important to understand the value of having taxi insurance. In this article, you will get all the information that you need regarding taxi insurance. And more importantly, by the end of this article, you will be able to obtain very reasonable yet competitive taxi insurance quotes, as per your requirements. 

Value of obtaining taxi insurance.

It takes effort to earn a fare. Invest in taxi insurance from Protect My Taxi to keep your company moving forward. We are aware of the difficulties in managing a prosperous cab business. Let us make it as easy as possible for you to travel. We represent numerous taxi insurance providers because we are an independent insurance firm. We provide cost-effective coverage of the highest caliber. We also provide our clients with a wide range of business tools and resources to make their operations run smoothly, reduce risk, and promote success. To get taxi insurance quotes simply get in touch with us.

Taxi Insurance

Our communities rely on the services provided by taxi businesses. Furthermore, maintaining a flourishing firm is no easy undertaking. Your time is required to address issues like finding qualified drivers, driver training, dispatching, and vehicle upkeep. One of your most expensive bills is taxi insurance. We provide a wide range of taxi insurance quotes options that fit your spending limit. Protect My Taxi Insurance desires the success of your taxi company. We will obtain quotes for your insurance from a number of firms and give you options based on your requirements. Along with taxi insurance, we can help you get going faster with useful business resources and tools that can be used to screen drivers, set up a training program, implement a documented safety program, print an employee manual, and much more. Maintain your speed. Make Protect My Taxi your go-to insurance representative.

Taxi insurance for corporate vehicles

The cost of business auto insurance is one of your biggest costs. Conserve money while making sure you have the necessary protection with cost-effective taxi insurance. 

How much is enough?

Important coverages include Medical Payments and/or Personal Injury Protection. They provide no-fault insurance to help you avoid going to court over your claims.

Government Documents

Most likely, your state will demand that your taxi insurance brokers and provider give them documentation of your coverage and/or advance warning if it expires. The phrase “filings” refers to these notices. Any special files that your department of transportation requires should be disclosed to your insurance agent. Find out specifically if Form E or Form F filings are necessary.


Check your taxi insurance policy to make sure it covers all potential risks.

Auto Liability: Though smaller limits are available, we advise carrying at least a  combined single limit (CSL). Despite the fact that your state’s minimal requirements can be lower, be sure you have enough coverage. However, be sure you have enough insurance to safeguard your company’s assets. Keep in mind that even one accident might result in significant liability for any driver you send out on the road.

Physical Damage:  Protection for privately owned vehicles such as.

  • taxis, 
  • vans, 
  • and shuttles

Uninsured and/or Underinsured Motorists: We advise purchasing uninsured and/or underinsured motorist coverage up to the full policy limits. These insurance policies shield your company from lawsuits in the event that your car is damaged or one of your passengers is hurt by a negligent driver who has insufficient coverage.

Non-owned Vehicle Liability: This affordable insurance provides extensive coverage. Many times, dispatchers or transport contracts demand it. It includes business exposures like when workers use their personal automobiles for work-related purposes like running errands for supplies or simply taking the mail to the post office.

  • Rental Car Liability
  • cabs or vans for hire
  • Loan/Lease Gap
  • Rental compensation
  • total additional insurance,
  • labor, and towing

Taxi insurance liability liability

The responsibility that comes with running a taxi service extends beyond driving cars. Our taxi insurance packages might include the following to protect against certain exposures:

General Liability: General liability is a fundamental insurance policy that needs to be included in any taxi insurance program. It is affordable and offers the company protection from a wide range of non-auto hazards, including those involving bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, slander, and even other liabilities related to office occupancy. Having the driver assist a passenger in getting into or out of the car, or even just loading and unloading luggage, are examples of exposures in this area. We recommend at least a maximum, similar to corporate auto insurance.

Umbrella Liability: This insurance can be added on top of your other policies, such as general liability, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation, to raise the policy limits to whatever amount is needed or demanded by a contract.

Coverage against abuse and molestation is a wise precaution for any company that transports customers. Occasionally, contracts or dispatchers require it.

Cyber liability: Whether electronically or on paper, every company keeps sensitive data on its customers, vendors, and suppliers. Cyber liability insurance guards against the theft or unintentional disclosure of this information.

Employment practices liability insurance: unlawful termination of a driver, harassment (even by a third party), refusal to hire, discrimination, etc. 

 All of these protected by liability insurance for employment practices.

Garage liability: Should you provide upkeep for other businesses? Should you work for other businesses that provide maintenance services?

  • Dispatchers as additional insured\s
  • Dispatchers as additional insured\s
  • Directors and Officers’ Liability 
  • Employee Benefits Liability.

Employee Compensation

workers’ compensation and taxi insurance

One of the most crucial taxi insurance options is workers’ compensation. By covering their medical expenses and missed pay in the event that they have an occupational injury, it safeguards your drivers and employees. All states have laws requiring it, and when you hire workers—including some types of subcontracted drivers—you become subject to them. Refer to our post on recruiting drivers on a contract basis. To get the best comprehensive deals to opt for taxi insurance quotes with Protect My Taxi.

What Protect My Taxi Insurance can provide:

  • Workers’ compensation policies with fixed costs
  • Plans for self-insurance
  • Plans for the retrospective rating (retro plans)
  • Programs with a high deductible
  • groups that retain risks
  • Captives
  • The property is being examined for experience modification.

How come Protect My Taxi Insurance?

An order taker might be anyone. Different is Protect My Taxi Insurance. Customers are not expected to be specialists in taxi insurance. Benefit from our knowledge. We can help you choose the coverage that best meets your needs by outlining possibilities and providing guidance. Get taxi insurance quotes now 

Our goal is to get to know you as your insurance agent. We work hard Only then can we recommend insurance that is tailored to your particular work needs. We search for coverage holes and provide security.