Plastic Tumblers with Straws: Are They Worth Buying in Wholesale Supplies?

Plastic tumblers with straws have become a popular choice for many people looking for an alternative to disposable cups. These tumblers are made from durable plastic materials and come with a built-in straw, making them easy to use and clean. But are they worth buying supplies wholesale? Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of Plastic Tumblers with Straws

Here are some of the benefits of the plastic tumbler with straws:

  • They are reusable
  • They are eco friendly
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Can be taken on the go
  • Prevent spills and messes
  • Can keep drinks cold or hot for more extended periods
  • Many options for sizes and styles
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can be recycled or reused
  • It can be used for various beverages (water, smoothies, cocktails, etc.)
  • It can be used by people of all ages
  • It can be personalized with custom designs or logos


One of the main benefits of plastic tumblers with straws is that they are reusable. It means you can use them multiple times before needing to replace them, reducing the amount of waste you generate. It is essential as plastic waste is a major environmental issue, with billions of tons of plastic ending up in landfills or the ocean yearly. By using a reusable tumbler, you can help to reduce your contribution to this problem.

Eco Friendly:

In addition to being eco-friendly, plastic tumblers with straws are also convenient to use. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for on-the-go use. The built-in straw makes it easy to drink from the tumbler without worrying about spilling, and the durable plastic ensures that the tumbler will last for a long time.

Is It Worth Buying Plastic Tumblers with Straws in Wholesale Supplies?

So, is it worth buying plastic tumblers with straws in wholesale supplies? The answer depends on your needs and how you plan to use the tumblers. If you are a business owner looking to provide customers with a reusable drink option, then purchasing tumblers in bulk may be a good idea. You can often get a discount on wholesale supplies, saving you money in the long run.

However, purchasing in bulk may make less sense if you are looking for a tumbler for personal use. It’s important to consider whether you will use all the tumblers you purchase, as buying more can be a waste of money.


Overall, plastic tumblers with straws are an excellent option for those looking to reduce their use of disposable cups. They are convenient, durable, and eco-friendly, making them a smart choice for many people. Whether or not it is worth buying them in wholesale supplies depends on your needs and how you plan to use them. 

If you are a business owner looking to provide customers with a reusable option, purchasing bulk may be a good idea. However, if you are looking for a tumbler for personal use, it may be more cost-effective to purchase just one or a few tumblers rather than buying in bulk.