Praxis EMR vs DrChrono EHR – Software For Medical Professional


What Is Praxis EMR?

Using Praxis is a great way to simplify and streamline the processes that take place in your office. It also helps you get HITECH certification, and it is compatible with many different practice styles. This means that you can fit Praxis into the way you work, and it will learn what you do best.

Aims to streamline the workflow of any physician’s office

Founded in 1993, Praxis EMR is a flexible medical records solution designed for physician offices. With a focus on minimizing the administrative burden of healthcare, it helps doctors spend more time with their patients, and less time on administrative tasks.

The software’s key benefits include:

Improved documentation efficiency. Well developed EHR systems increase clinical capacity without compromising quality or patient satisfaction. The platform also frees up administrative workers’ time, improving their ability to deliver quality care.

In addition, well-designed EHRs enhance the overall quality of the physician-patient relationship by increasing communication and eliminating common human errors that lead to malpractice. The EHR software is also known to lower physician burnout and fatigue.

Using EHR software can improve a practice’s financial performance. The MTBC product portfolio offers an integrated web-based EHR solution that transforms a medical practice into a successful business enterprise. The company also offers a variety of other products, including transcription services, practice management solutions, and revenue cycle solutions.

Learns the way you work

Designed for busy physicians, Praxis EMR makes charting easier and faster. This system uses artificial intelligence to learn from users. As it learns, the interface changes to suit the users’ preferences.

The aforementioned artificial intelligence engine uses neural network technology to learn about the user and his or her needs. The aforementioned system also incorporates lab integration and procedure workflows.

The aforementioned concept processing encapsulates text from past patient notes into a reusable “unit of thought”. These units of thought can then be reused in other patient encounters.

The aforementioned concept processing also identifies relationships between concepts. It can handle a wide variety of cases.

The aforementioned tidbit is only a small fraction of what is available in the Praxis EMR. The aforementioned features are complemented by the aforementioned knowledge exchanger. The latter allows users to tap into external databases, such as clinical guidelines and heuristic models, to improve their own practices.

HITECH certification

HITECH certification Praxis EMR is one of the first EMRs to receive the HITECH certification. This prestigious designation will increase Praxis’ revenue and capabilities.

As a result of HITECH, physicians can obtain federal incentives of up to $65,000 if they adopt an EMR. As such, Praxis is a great tool for medical practitioners. With this software, they can streamline their practice workflow, simplify reporting, and improve patient care. It also supports evidence-based medicine initiatives.

The system uses an artificial intelligence engine to learn from cases, anticipate physician actions, and modify provider behavior. With this system, physicians can create custom documents, share assessments, and collaborate with other health care providers. The system also features an intelligent auxiliary library of content.

The 3.4 Mini-manual is almost 100 pages long, and the upgrade focuses on new features. This includes a better Online Update, a Vaccine Module, and expanded requirements for Family Practice.

How DrChrono EHR Can Help Your Practice

Whether you are a doctor, practice manager, or a patient, DrChrono EMR offers a wide range of digital health solutions for your practice. These include web and cloud-based apps for doctors and patients, as well as billing services.

Schedule patient appointments in minutes

Using an automated electronic scheduling software can improve your provider-patient communication. It can also help you determine which type of reminder is the best way to keep your patients on schedule.

Whether you’re a small practice or a large multi-specialty group, DrChrono can be a valuable tool. This medical practice management platform features an all-in-one EHR that includes a patient portal, an e-prescribing system, and an advanced billing platform. The company offers a free trial and extensive customer support, so you can get your practice up and running quickly.

The DrChrono appointment scheduling suite lets you book appointments in minutes. This tool can be particularly handy when you have walk-in appointments. It features a calendar with a drag-and-drop view and a weekly format. You can customize it to display appointments for specific practice locations and providers. You can also set realistic time blocks for each appointment. You can also apply filters and create custom profiles for each patient. You can even load different note-taking templates for each appointment.

Prebuilt medical forms

Founded in 2009, DrChrono is a leading provider of cloud-based electronic health records and practice management solutions. Their solutions are designed to reduce administrative burdens on healthcare providers while enabling their entire staff to work seamlessly together. They specialize in all types of practices, including medical centers, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, and multispecialty practices.

Their EHR is fully integrated and customizable for practice needs. Its features include e-prescribing, lab ordering, appointment scheduling, and secure doctor-patient communication. It also includes an incorporated billing dashboard that provides practice managers with billing analytics. Using the software, medical billing errors are eliminated through real-time eligibility checks, streamlined billing processes, and reduced statistics entries.

The software is iPad-compatible, and it allows doctors and patients to view lab results, prescriptions, and imaging in a secure environment. It also comes with an online help center and a dedicated accounts manager. It can be accessed from anywhere, allowing healthcare professionals to view patient information in a variety of languages.

Revenue cycle management

Having a revenue cycle management software solution is a great way to streamline financial processes in your healthcare organization. It allows you to manage timely payment processes and track your patients’ journey. This will enable you to maintain profitability and focus on providing better patient care.

There are many different RCM solutions on the market. Some of them are cloud-based, while others are based on a subscription model. In either case, they allow you to have secure access to your patient data. You can also have automated tasks such as bill processing and e-prescribing. Some solutions include analytics to help you track trends.

DrChrono is a medical billing and revenue cycle management system that offers a wide range of tools. It can also be integrated with your EMR system. The reports that are produced by the software pull data from your practice’s existing modules. They also provide real-time information on the performance of your practice. This can be particularly helpful for small practices.

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