What Is Ayushya Homam Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits?

Ayushya Homam

At the Ayushya Homam, people worship the Ayur devta, the god of life. One obtains his blessings for a long life in return for doing this kind of ceremony. The sage Bodhanya imparted the Ayushya Homam in the Bodhanya Sutras. It is advised to do this Ayushya Homam if the child has been ill for a long period.

This Ayushya Homam should be performed on the child once a month until they are well. Ayushya Homam, however, is only carried out on the first day of work once a year. The day after the child turns one is when it starts.

What Does Ayushya Homam Mean?

Infirm children are advised to take the Ayushya Homam by Purohits. When a baby is born, a Homam is performed as part of the naming ritual. The child’s life will be filled with health and pleasure if they recite this homam. On the day of the Ayushya Homam, Ayur devathai is worshipped in order to live a long and prosperous life.

The word “Ayush” refers to age and the desire to have a happy and healthy life. Ayushya Homam’s major objective is to increase human longevity by reducing health problems.

Ayushya Homam greatly enhances living standards by significantly reducing health problems. The major goal of this Ayush havan is to win Ayur Devata’s blessing, the God of life. Anybody may guarantee oneself a long and healthy life by saying this havan.

Major Elements Of Ayushya Homam

  • To get blessings for lifespan and well-being, Ayushya Homam is conducted.
  • The Ayushya Homam is open to all ages.
  • Based on Janma nakshatra, the pandit consultation is utilized to calculate the Ayushya Homam date.
  • Worshipers honor Lord Ayur Devtha during Ayushya Homam.
  • The main ingredient in this Ayushya Homam is steamed rice.

Ayushya Homam’s Religious Importance

  • To guarantee long life, offer an AYUR deity devotion and recite Ayusha Suktham.
  • Any age group might use the re-energizing effect.
  • We should be grateful to Ayushya Homam for eradicating the harmful effects of pregnancy, which enhances a person’s general well-being.
  • You can conduct this homam to avoid an untimely and early death. It increases the standard of living.
  • The Ayushya Homam ritual can be performed by anybody who wants to live a happier life and have better mental and physical health.

Gains From Ayushya Homam

  • Ayushya Homam is quite successful in helping people find relief from both physical and emotional problems.
  • The negative effects or bad Karma from past incarnations are eliminated through Ayushya Homam. The individual’s overall well-being benefits from this.
  • The best at reducing the bad effects on the planet and the possibility of accidents, diseases, or other health problems is Ayushya Homam.
  • The Ayushya Homam should be performed in the first instance when someone has dasha in the second, seventh, or eighth houses in their horoscope.
  • Ayushya Homam aids the followers in eliminating the ill effects of the planets.

The price of Ayushya Homam

Depending on the location and type of service, 99Pandit will give the cost for an Ayushya Homam. Typically, Ayushya Homam costs between 5,000 and 15,000 rupees. Three pandits are required at the most for this Ayushya Homam. One pandit would do all of the extra Ayushya Homam ceremonies.

On the other hand, other pandits will chant the mantra to call the gods to the havan kund. The Ayushya Homam ritual is the best approach to encourage longevity, good health, wellbeing, and safety. This Ayushya homam can be performed for a baby or a sick relative. Through the web, pujas like Chandi puja may be reserved.

What Time Is Ayushya Homam?

The auspicious day to do Ayushya Homam is the day the child is born on the day of the star (Janma nakshatra) who will execute the ritual. The first birthday of the kid is seen to be the optimal shubh day for Ayushya Homam. If the kid is unwell, this Homam that is performed at ear piercing on the first birthday can be done at any age.

The Janma nakshatra of the native should be used to establish the Ayushya Homam’s date. If the child is unwell or in a dire situation, this Ayushya Homam can be conducted on an auspicious day after consulting with Pandit Ji.