Why do brides today prefer a kundan artificial jewellery set?

Why do brides today prefer a kundan artificial jewellery set?

The traditional generations may find it challenging to understand the recent vibe surrounding artificial jewellery for modern brides. Due to their rooted social conditioning that connects the significance of marriage as the penultimate life event to the unmatchable value inferred from real gold and diamonds. In this blog see how the kundan artificial jewellery set is the love of brides today. 

Overview of Trend of Kundan artificial jewelry set

After all, don’t we Indians spend years’ worth of money to ensure that our women are decked out in the finest and most elaborate jewelry on the wedding day? Despite this obsession with real jewelry, the wedding industry is seeing a rise in demand for its artificial alternatives. And there are a few good reasons why.

Jewelry serves more than just enhances the bride’s wedding lehenga in an Indian wedding. It also plays a significant role in various wedding-related events and is present in many wedding presents. From that vantage point, it is not too difficult to comprehend why modern brides favor artificial jewellery for many of these functions, such as hefty kundan artificial jewellery set. The most significant ones are listed below:

1. Kundan wedding jewellery is quite reasonably priced:

We all understand that an extravagant Indian wedding is already an expensive celebration that will burn a large hole in many people’s finances. Anyone can’t afford the mounting expenses when real jewelry has to be purchased for every little occasion. Furthermore, they are completely superfluous. For informal gatherings and less formal events, brides prefer artificial jewellery since it serves the same objective without draining their wallet or bank balance. Therefore, be prepared to include a few sets of diamond imitation jewellery set in your bridal wedding outfit.

2. The quality of the Kundan jewelry variety is remarkable.

Every bride desires to stand out and be remembered in each wedding-related clothing. To consider all of these possibilities for real jewellery for genuine jewellery is not practical. Contrarily, the kundan set for marriage is available in every style, color, and mood. The bride will easily find the ideal pieces for any appearance and kind, whether it be the alluring silver, the chic rose gold, or the mesmerizing mélange of stones and diamonds.

3. You don’t need to be concerned about safety risks:

Real jewelry has numerous risks that need to be covered by insurance. Even then, insurance is unable to compensate for the memories of a tragically damaged life event. Less real jewellery will cause much less of a problem, especially if you let imitation jewellery fulfill the same function just as well. Buy a variety of Kundan jewelry in an imitation look, and keep changing them as per your outfits. They will cost a few amounts and gives replica of real jewelry. 

4. Looks more beautiful than real jewelry

Consider your wedding day to be the one day when you want to look flawless. Even if you have the money, buying expensive bridal attire is useless because it won’t go with your everyday clothes. So choose lovely replicas that won’t break your budget and become the vision you’ve always desired.

5. Ideal for gifts

There is no need to be concerned about the price because the jewellery is less expensive than actual jewellery. Giving a gift to someone shows that you are thoughtful. So hunt for elegant jewelry and give it to the recipient. a simple and sensible choice to make.

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6. Various kundan artificial jewellery setis worn for each occasion

Kudan Jhumkas for a celebratory day or eye-catching studs for the office is both options. anything that serves you the best. Collections of all kinds can be made and used later. We don’t need to worry too much about saving money because they have cheap costs Consequently, you can change your jewellery every day to suit your mood. 
You can enjoy wearing a kundan set for wedding with a modern sense of fashion at an affordable price. On our website Swarajshop, you can purchase anything you desire with just one click