Top 5 Benefits of Hosting webinars in 2023


Webinar services are high in demand over recent years due to their immersive features & ability to catch the attention of online users.

In addition to this, most of the small as well as large scale businesses are switching towards these services for the creation of their brand awareness at the global level.

As per recent trends, it has been found that more than 70 % of internet users like to watch videos instead of reading long brochures & other texts.

In this blog, we will be highlighting some of the key benefits of hosting webinar sessions. Additionally, we’ll be looking at promotional activities which can be carried out using interactive webinar platforms.

Webinar- All you need to know in 2023

Webinars are video lectures or say online sessions which take place on the internet. These sessions are very useful for gathering audiences across the world under a single roof.

In fact, hosting webinar sessions on popular online webinar platforms let you build strong connections with your target audience and make them your potential customers.

Additionally, these platforms let you share valuable information in multiple formats such as – ppts, video files, audio files, handouts, etc.

The popularity of webinars did not magically blow off. Millions of individuals from all over the world attend the thousands of virtual conferences that are held each year.

It’s not just happening randomly. The webinars make it simple to spread information with a dispersed audience, monitor how it is used in real-time, and engage with them.

Salient Features of Webinars

Below are some of the striking features of webinar sessions which take place on the best webinar platforms. This will make you select the perfect platform for your upcoming webinar session –

  • So the webinar room is where your webinar will take place. It serves as a command center and virtual meeting room where you may communicate with the attendees of your event.
  • You can turn on your webcam and microphones (whether they are built into the computer or an external plug-and-play device) here to interact visually with your audience. They can both see and hear you, just to be clear.
  • Conduct polls and surveys, and then discuss the results in a webinar;
  • Through the call-to-action button connecting to your landing page with a sign-up or payment form, sell your product, service, or online classes;
  • Participate your audience in the discussion by using a chat box or a moderated Q&A session.

Promotion of your Webinar Session

Promotion of online events is very important for making its reach wider among the public. Similarly, webinar activities need promotion as well.

Here are some of the key points which should be kept in mind while promoting your on-demand webinar session –

E-Mail Marketing

Send invites to your current email list because the majority of marketers list email as their primary promotion channel. You can resend messages to any users who didn’t open them the first time in the weeks leading up to your event.

It’s okay if you don’t have an email list since signup for webinars is a great method to build one and get warm leads.

Social Media Platforms

Several weeks prior to the webinar, create a successful one on your social media pages. Give guests a preview of what they may expect to learn during the session and allow your followers to submit a question before.

Consider giving your social media followers a special discount if you’re hosting a paid webinar. As leading social media streaming platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, etc. hold a large audience base, it will be much easier for you to divert traffic to your website.

You can additionally use automated webinar sessions for providing content as per the requirement and ease of the audience.

Promotion on your website

There should be connections on your website for registration in addition to information about your virtual webinar platform. Most webinars focus on either marketing & demand generation or onboarding new clients. Your website is a great platform to spread the news for both goals.

Blog articles, videos, specialized landing pages, pop-up or banner calls to action—all those things can help you boost interest and registrations.

Popular Benefits of hosting Webinar sessions

Creation of Brand Awareness

  • Connecting with your audience enables you to generate high-quality sales leads while also increasing the value of your brand.
  • The main goal of webinars is knowledge exchange. The audience is more likely to buy this as it is usually thought to be worthwhile.

Showcasing you as an Expert

  • Only you, as a brand, are capable of accurately conveying information that is specific to your products or services.
  • With the use of webinars, you can share that knowledge with thousands of people and create your image as an industry thought leader.

Content Repurposing

  • Additionally, by repurposing information for blog posts and updates on social media you are offering value to people who enjoy reading that type of content.
  • As a result, both sides benefit. By utilizing the same material in several ways, you are meeting your audience’s needs.

Community Exposure

  • You draw in your Audience and learners when you offer insightful information through webinars. By providing them with a platform to engage with other attendees, you start a dialogue.
  • People can vote, for instance, if they ask the same question as the one that was asked. Or, people can express their views via a live webcast and prompt responses from others.

Cost-Effective Solution

  • Once created, webinars are added to your content repository. These are everlasting materials; record them and distribute on-demand recordings without regular fees. This extends the lifespan of your content and offers brand traction years afterward.
  • Additionally, because you can host a webinar on YouTube, the expense is practically zero. Furthermore, you can add more features like interactive chats, gamification, or customized branding by using a webinar service provider.


These examples show how live webinar services can boost your promotional strategies and produce significant results. You must have a solid strategy from the promotion through the post-follow-up in order to achieve these rewards.

In addition, the correct choice of webinar platform can relieve you of a lot of work.