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In India, dairy farming is a profitable business that provides rural employment. Though there are a variety of breeds of buffaloes, like Nili Ravi and Bhadawari, Murrah is mainly preferred for various reasons. 

It is crucial to feed highly nutritious and protein-enriched foods to cattle like Murrah buffalo for body maintenance, immunity, digestion, and milk production. Cattle feed is manufactured using minerals, vitamins, seeds, oil cakes, brans, molasses, and other components. Protein-rich supplements are helpful for cattle as they help in functioning many vital organs and systems smoothly. Good cattle feed increases both milk production and reproductive efficiency. 

Murrah Buffalo: One of the Best Buffalo Breeds

The Murrah breed originated in India. It is also called ‘Kali,’ ‘Kundi,’ and ‘Delhi.’ Murrah buffalo are mainly preferred among farmers as they can quickly adapt to climatic conditions, making them suitable for dairy farming. Since Murrah milk has more fat, it is sold at higher prices. They have no specific residue dependency and can thrive in any unfavorable conditions like drought. Unlike other breeds, Murrah buffaloes are less prone to diseases which marks an added advantage. Also, there is high milk production in Murrah buffaloes. 

Different cattle feed supplements can help you afford high-quality milk production. 


Silage is made from green foliage crops and is preserved until acidification to feed cattle. During unfavorable conditions and dry seasons, silage can be fed to cattle when the pasture is not good enough, or there is a lack of green forage. Silage is nutritious and can easily be digested by cattle, and it is healthy for cattle and helps in greater milk production. 

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Kachi Khal 

You can feed Kachi Khal to cattle to maintain adequate nutrition levels. It will help to boost the immunity & health of cattle and prevent metabolic diseases. It makes the fat content of milk better. Kachi Khal regularizes the reproductive cycle of cattle and, thus, increases milk production.

Sarso Khal

Mustard seeds have a good amount of protein. They are rich in methionine and other essential amino acids. They have approximately 35 percent oil and 39 percent protein. Sarso Khal, or the mustard cake, is the leftover residue after oil generation from mustard seeds. It is usually fed to cattle as it is an affordable fat supplement and has a favorable impact on milk composition. 

Binola Khal

Cotton Seeds are the seeds of a cotton plant. When the oil is extracted from the seeds, the leftovers are kept as they are used in both poultry and livestock feed. Cottonseed Cake or Binola Khal contains enough protein, minerals, vitamins, and energy to produce the best quality milk. It helps in keeping the cattle healthy and increases reproductive efficiency. Binola Khal also improves the fat content of milk. 

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Soya Chilka

Soybeans and their byproducts, like Soya Chilka, contain essential amino acids, protein, fat, energy, and fiber that can help produce good quality milk. These are incorporated in the rations for dairy cattle. It is one of the familiar sources of cattle feed as it is cheap and can provide tremendous benefits. It also regularizes the reproductive cycle. Soya Chilka is nutritious and prevents general deficiency syndromes or metabolic diseases.

Chana Churi

Chana Churi has components that are crucial for cattle feed. It has protein and promotes digestion, leading to better milk production in terms of quality and quantity. This may regularize the reproductive system of cattle by feeding Chana Churi. Also, it can help in better immunity and health of cattle. 


A proper diet and dose should be given to cattle to promote not only their well-being but also milk production. Choker is a popular source of cattle feed as it is budget-friendly and has several advantages. Since Choker is nutrient-dense, it guards against metabolic disorders and deficiency syndromes.

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Daliya often contains high protein and carbs, making it valuable for livestock and poultry. Daliya has high starch and energy, which makes it an essential component of cattle feed. You can feed daliya to cattle for better milk production. 


The cattle feed supplements are recommendations. Please refer to the veterinarian before giving any supplements to cattle. Always choose products tested, verified, and approved by experts.MeraPashu360 is the buffalo buying app that supplies high-yielding buffaloes online at very affordable prices, especially the Murrah breed. It is one of the applications that sells the best quality cattle feed. Their experienced doctors provide solutions instantly.