How to give a fantastic head massage

How to give an amazing head massage

Massage techniques generally focus on the lower body and ignore the upper, yet a simple head massage can relieve stress and tension.

Follow these simple guidelines to do a head massage.

Learning to give a soothing head massage is a skill that may be applied to various spa and salon services.

1.   Getting it hot

Start your client off the road to relaxation with a warm cloth wrapped around their head.

You may make them feel more pampered and prepare them for the fantastic massage you will give by doing this first. Put some fragrant oil on the towel for extra aromatherapy benefits.

2.   Take it easy; it’ll work out.

Use forceful, circular strokes to work your way from the crown of the head back toward the hairline.

Strokes should be slow and flow smoothly from one place to the next; rapid motion can disrupt the state of relaxation you’ve worked so hard to induce.

Finally, begin at the back of the head, between the ears, and work outward in firm circles using your fingertips and thumbs.

3.   Be aware.

Although it may seem self-evident, the level of pressure used during a head massage dramatically affects the level of satisfaction experienced by the client.

Make sure you’re on the same page with them to avoid giving them a pounding headache while giving them a good massage.

4.   The neck is often overlooked.

Do not overlook the importance of caring for the back of your neck, which bears the weight of your head.

First, apply light pressure starting at one ear and working down the neck and over the shoulders to perform Swedish massage.

Aside from kneading in small circles with your thumb, you can also perform lengthy, firm strokes with your fingertips if your client’s head is turned to the side.

5.   Confusion alleviation.

Concentrate on the forehead, the space between the client’s eyebrows, and the temples if they are experiencing severe head pain.

Try rubbing the painful spots with your index finger in little, light circular motions for a minute.

6.   Get comfortable with some seating.

It makes sense to have the client lie on a massage table if a head massage is part of a full-body treatment.

Nonetheless, a massage chair may be worthwhile if many of your clients merely want their heads massaged.

This makes reaching the hard-to-reach areas of the back, neck, and shoulders simpler for a massage sure to ease tension.