Monday Software Vs Bigtime Software: Which PM software is the best?  

Monday software vs Bigtime software Which PM software is the best

With the help of, you can keep efficient and effective control over crucial and highly important aspects of your business. Your staff won’t waste time or effort searching for the right people to allocate these obligations to. That is because the system will take care of it automatically. This is because the Monday software automates the operations. With the help of’s service, businesses may now get more trustworthy outcomes. Additionally, it might increase the cohesion required for accurate performance, making them appear to be more of a unit. This would make the whole situation simpler to control. BigTime Software is among the most likely options when it comes to the names and reputations of project management software. Many well-known firms have made it their top priority. Because it is simple to use and gives users the results they want, users have a great sense of trust in this software. 

Project management experts from a wide range of nations have praised the software, which has a sizable global customer base. In fact, the software is so well-liked that its creators can support a variety of languages. Customers can use the tools in the most effective manner possible in this fashion. Moreover, users from a variety of professions, including researchers, contractors, IT specialists, and accountants, can benefit from it. 

Monday Software  

The business’s fundamental operations are elegantly managed by Monday. Users who have used this solution say it promotes confidence and supercharges the team. Keeping track of all tasks and making sure all deadlines are followed, makes expanding the business a snap. With Monday, managing teams remotely throughout the workspace is simple. To increase the effectiveness of the team, the vendor takes care of all the time-consuming activities. Also includes tracking spreadsheets. Additionally, reviewers praise as an excellent project follow-up tool. 

Monday Software Features 


The management of digital assets is a key component of improved performance. Besides allowing users to import data into the interface, the document function also lets users edit docs in real time. You can exchange comments with one another and use them to create tasks. You can reposition your text while you’re working without disturbing the other editors. The Monday software papers are a flexible tool that allows you to provide context as well. 

Kanban and Gantt Tools 

Gantt and Kanban are the two visual tools available through the Monday program. You can access the project timeline using the Gantt charts to keep track of timelines, deadlines, and milestones. You can make sure that the data is consistent and that your duties are completed without interruption by importing CSV sheets. You can balance your workload with the aid of a Kanban board, which will also make it possible for you to design workflows.  


The Monday program’s dashboard displays important project data. For example task dependencies, timelines, deadlines, and progress. The overhead view of a dashboard ensures that you are aware of every detail. In fact, you may use dashboards to give team members tasks and due dates. The activities of each individual member are actually visible. 

Monday Pricing 

There are five alternatives available for the pricing. The basic Monday plan is $8. The standard costs $10 per month. The professional package of  is $16. Since it is generated based on your team, the cost of the business is not displayed on the internet. 

Monday Demo 

With the Monday software demo, users can get an idea of the software. It aids one in understanding the software. It is more like a tint teaser of the tool. 

Monday Reviews 

The reviews for the software are quite positive. Users have praised it for its robust qualities.  

BigTime Software 

A firm can use BigTime software to help with information management, monitoring, analyzing, and billing. The program is configured to make keeping track of your projects simple and quick. Data and predictive analysis support all of this and take the ambiguity out of project utilization, planning, and revenues. The flexibility of management teams allows them to distribute tasks, and develop projects and assignments. The BigTime technology demo can be used by numerous industries. It offers billing, accounting for spending, DCAA compliance, and managing the company. Moreover, the software works with both Apple and Android devices to make communication easy and efficient. 

BigTime Key Features 


BigTime’s invoicing makes it simpler to set up billing according to each user’s requirements. Using this process, invoices can be generated in a variety of ways. So, you can be asked to pay a flat fee for your time and effort, specific stages, or a fraction of your entire performance. 

Time Tracking 

You definitely need to keep track of your time to meet your project’s deadlines. Bigtime’s intelligent timesheets make it simple to keep track of your time and expenses. They can not only fill in repetitious data entries, but they can also automatically store and finish the data. 

Project Reports 

Maintaining an awareness of reports and analytics about your project is necessary for tracking. With Bigtime software, you may gather relevant information and reduce the time needed for analyzing. 

BigTime Pricing 

The software has three options. The first is Express which costs $10 per month. The second plan is Pro which costs $30/month. And the last one is Premier for $40 per month. 

BigTime Demo 

The demo is the best solution to all your queries. Schedule it for free and learn everything about the software.  

BigTime Reviews 

The number of features keeps growing, increasing its relevance for users. Although there have been a few errors and glitches reported by some users, for the most part, it appears to be stabilizing. 


It can be difficult to choose between and BigTime. Both pieces of software have a track record of raising worker productivity. But before companies invest, it is crucial for them to confirm that the solution they select satisfies all of their requirements