St. Barth’s is Winter’s Hottest Warm-Weather Getaway



It’s no secret that St. Barth’s has arrived as one of the most coveted warm-weather getaways during the holidays, best known for its laid-back luxury, pristine beaches, and exciting nightlife. Just under 10 square miles in the heart of the Caribbean, the blink-and-you-miss-it destination leaves visitors awestruck and eager to return.

Ahead of the holidays, St. Barth’s vacation veteran Jessica Fisher—CEO and Founder of charter aviation marketplace FLYJETS—shares her go-to activities, destinations, and dining recommendations for a new year’s reset vacation.

A French Territorial Collectivity, St. Barth’s has a rich and diverse cultural history that draws from its local Caribbean, French, Swedish and Portuguese influences, culminating in a sophisticated yet approachable setting for a winter vacation. It is a volcanic island rich with tropical flora and wildlife, and there is no shortage of ocean and land adventure.

Fisher’s favorite thrill-seeking activity is a jet ski tour of the island. Most tours take about two hours to circle the entire island, which offers a unique perspective of the coastline and its vibrant native plants, towering mountains that rise straight from the ocean, and idyllic neighborhoods that scatter the coast.

For a more relaxing afternoon, visit one of the island’s twenty-plus beaches. Fisher’s choice? Saline Beach, an unspoiled stretch of white sand overlooking turquoise waters that backs up against sand dunes and lush green mountains.

No St. Barth’s trip is complete without a visit to the destination’s charming neighborhoods, lined with eclectic boutiques and charming restaurants. Lolita Jaca is a women’s luxury boutique that features handcrafted fabrics and chic resort wear, while Poupette offers vibrant and colorful prints in flowy fabrics that feel as if they were made to wear exclusively in beach destinations. For dinner, Fisher’s go-to’s include the award-winning Bonito, the fine dining restaurant that features fresh local seafood; and L’Isola, the sophisticated Italian restaurant known for flying in the finest ingredients directly from Italy.

Perhaps the most thrilling part of a St. Barth’s vacation, though, happens just before landing; Gustaf Airport is famous for its short runway that makes you feel like you’ve been dropped onto a dreamy island—which you have. For her visits, Fisher typically books via FLYJETS, her aviation marketplace app that allows you to book a private charter, or seat on one, as well as offers group booking opportunities that are perfect for family trips, reunions, or getaways with friends. 

She is also a lifelong aviation enthusiast and student pilot herself who enjoys the quiet moments during her St. Barth’s stay just sitting and watching the planes’ takeoffs and landings, which take place on an approximately 2,100-foot runway that stops just short of the coastline and is buttressed by towering volcanic formations.

“The runway at Gustaf Airport is bananas – between two bodies of water and amazing sightseeing,” describes Fisher. “I love sitting over the cliffs and watching the planes go over water.”

What better backdrop for landing? You might just want to stay forever. 

Wikipedia – Photo by Konstantin von Wedelstaedt


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