Why Use Whatsapp for Event Management?

Whatsapp is significantly the one application that every second smartphone has. But it is just an assumption as the numbers can be increasingly high. With over more than 2 billion downloads to date, WhatsApp is booming in popularity. But is it a good thing for you as an event planner? Well, yes now you just need to integrate the Whatsapp automation solutions into your next in-person events for the ticketing the registration procedure. 

Nowadays, Whatsapp is not just limited to just messaging or sharing photos or files with friends and family as it expanded its horizons. This is what we are going to learn in this blog post about why to use WhatsApp for event management with benefits and other aspects of it. Let’s get started with the basics and then will go on to understand all other points;

Why Should Your Business Use WhatsApp Marketing?

The most used messaging app worldwide is WhatsApp. Additionally, it develops to become a need as a marketing medium for companies looking to reach consumers in emerging nations. Whatsapp is something we check every day or every hour to say, making it possible for you to stay connected because of Whatsapp marketing. Even better since texts have a 98% open rate, you may be certain that they will receive your offers.

The final thing to note is how great your customers value this kind of communication. They have higher faith in brands that offer chat apps; 53% of event attendees believe they would attend events that have chat-enabled. There are more justifications for using WhatsApp, though.

Enhanced Connections with Customers

When using messaging apps, consumers feel closer to a brand. As a result, WhatsApp marketing has become a popular method for creating lasting, meaningful connections with clients. However, it also helps in customer acquisition as well as helps in the retention process effectively while reducing the overall cost of both matters. 

WhatsApp gives companies a wide range of customization options right out of the gate. Sending bespoke welcome messages, exclusive offers, birthday greetings, and other communications is possible. Such a strategy increases consumer loyalty to a brand.

Higher Rate of Conversion

It’s important to pick the right channel for your first interactions with customers. Calls may irritate people and they avoid being reached via email or social media. WhatsApp can be useful in this situation to persuade potential customers to buy event tickets.

And even better, messaging encourages conversions. Specifically, following up with a prospect through a message can boost conversion rates. It’s not just about improving the conversion rates but there are other benefits too, keeping yourself engaged reading till last to explore other benefits. 

Whatsapp Improves Sales Figures

WhatsApp business automation acts as a kind of sales magic wand. Including a WhatsApp phone number on your website could generate more leads for sales. Potential clients appear to have more faith in event hosts simply because they have the option to contact them via any messaging app. At least 66% of people are more likely to buy tickets from a business if it is active on messengers.

Even better, you may think of WhatsApp as a separate sales channel for your On-spot event registration and tickets. Nowadays, individuals influenced by such chat applications and purchases can possibly. 

Lower Cost of Marketing

you yourself have grown through the tough procedure of marketing for your event as well as promoting. WhatsApp is free of cost and effective to utilize for this aspect. Not just but can be a great bet if you just use WhatsApp for event tickets and WhatsApp for event registration. We have all witnessed how we people altogether are addicted to or using it higher minutes a day than any other messaging app. 

At the nominal cost with the use of WhatsApp marketing, you will be able to enhance your conversion rates, revenues and so on. Additionally, you will also get the benefit of maintaining and establishing an everlasting bond with your customers. 

These are some of the top reasons why you should incorporate WhatsApp automation solutions. But we are not over yet, as there is something left that you should need to know. 

Generate leads

You can apply for WhatsApp business access to make yourself reachable to potential clients. You can accomplish this by adding a “WhatsApp us” button to your website or social media pages. WhatsApp is a good technique to interact with potential customers because it has a high open and response rate (about 90%).

Broadcasting And Announcements About Events

Given that consumers can only receive templated messages from WhatsApp, this is a little challenging. Every communication needs to be authorized in advance. If you have a database of clients who have attended events you’ve hosted, you can construct a templated message thanking them for their prior patronage and inviting them to your most recent event. The WhatsApp staff must approve of this method of messaging.

Be Connected with Attendees Before and After an Event

When attendees click on your WhatsApp link, a lot of event planners utilize bots to reply. The artificial intelligence-powered bots can react to ordinary attendees’ questions regarding the event’s logistics, schedule, and other details. With the help of push notifications as well as feedback forums, you will be able to be connected with the audience.

However, with the help of sending automated reminders, you are also able to send updates about the event. And now you are also able to send the poll question to vote for multiple activities during the event, thanks to Whatsapp automation solutions.

In the end here are some of the pro tips you don’t you can’t afford to miss. 

  • Create distinct consumer groups and communicate with them about helpful information, upcoming services, or exclusive discounts. A group can have up to 256 members when it is created.
  • Once you have their permission, you can use WhatsApp to get in touch with your clients and ask them if they’ll be at your event. Use this channel to send seminar or workshop invitations.
  • Use images, emoticons, gifs, and videos in inventive ways. Make sure your communications are clickable and forwardable for a quick method to turn your upcoming event into a smashing success!

This was our attempt to make you understand Whatsapp for event management. Hope you enjoy reading.