Best VPS Hosting Companies For 2023

Best VPS Hosting Companies For 2023

Your server will have an operating system, multiple software, and applications. To install and operate those applications and software there will be a control panel will also be presented on your server. The control panel helps in performing many things such as content management, email service, databases, etc.

If we talk about servers then it is a collection of several components such as a Motherboard, RAM, Storage drives, processor, etc. These are all physical components and a server is more than a sum of its physical parts.

In the web hosting world, shared hosting is a web hosting type that is the most common and popular choice for website hosting and the most picked hosting service as well. In this, the resources of a single server are divided between multiple users. And obviously, it is a low-cost web hosting solution. But as your website expands you need to upgrade your server to fulfill the resource demand of your website. VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting are the two upgrades of a shared hosting server.

How is VPS Hosting a Better Option Than Dedicated and Shared Hosting?

In dedicated Hosting, the entire server resources of the primary server are committed to a single user. As a result, your website can take advantage of the server’s CPU and RAM, bandwidth, and storage. The benefit of using the entire server cannot be overcome by any other hosting services whether it is shared hosting or VPS Hosting. But you have to pay a lot to enjoy the facilities of dedicated hosting services. 

On the other hand, if you use shared Hosting you have to share everything that comes with the primary server with other Websites, and that can’t help a website in any way. For a website that is in the initial stage, shared hosting is a preferable option after that you just need to upgrade.

If you are a business owner or a professional blogger you want your webpages to load faster, for that you have to upgrade your web hosting from Shared to a dedicated or VPS web hosting service.

The fact is a dedicated hosting is not affordable and not everyone can purchase a dedicated server so the only hosting option that remains is the VPS Hosting server.

There are many benefits of cheap VPS Hosting-

  • Private environment
  • Low pricing
  • More resources than shared hosting
  • Scalable
  • Provide security
  • Full control over the server
  • High uptime
  • Comes with flexible resources

So overall, Shared hosting plans are not enough useful for business owners, and VPS Hosting seeks a lot of attention from those websites that face sudden spikes in traffic.

Top Trustworthy and Best VPS Hosting Companies in 2023

1. Kamatera

Kamatera is a well-known web hosting company, they are in this business for the last 20 years. They have many data centers all over the world and they promise to provide optimum speed and performance. 

This hosting company offers flexible plans and packages with some impressive specifications. And some other providers have restrictions on Operating systems but Kamatera has both Linux and windows VPS Hosting plans and packages. This means you can get choices in control panels as well. 

Their starting VPS Server plan starts from 4$ per month, but at this price, you will only get a basic server you may need to buy some additional essentials, such as a firewall, load balancers, etc.

The company’s main focus is on medium to large businesses and that is why they offer 72 core CPU and a maximum of 131 GB RAM and up to 4000GB SSD storage. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • 30 days free trial
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Datacenter choice
  • High level of server configurations

Reasons to avoid:

  • No live customer support
  • Managed services is a separate add on
  • Additional purchases make it expensive

2. Serverwala

Serverwala is a popular Indian web hosting provider with plans for just everyone. Whether it is VPS hosting or colocation hosting Serverwala provides every web hosting service.

The hosting provider offers a wide range of managed and unmanaged VPS Hosting plans all across the globe. 

The cheapest VPS Hosting plan of Serverwala starts at $15/month which goes up to $60/month. 

For each plan, you can choose between CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian in Linux VPS Plans. And with windows, they have many plans as well. All their VPS plans include DDoS protection, a Dedicated IP address, High server uptime guarantee.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Variety of plans and data center
  • Managed and unmanaged options available

Reasons to Avoid

  • More focused on large business
  • No money-back guarantee

3. Hostbillo Hosting Solutions

From shared hosting, and dedicated hosting to SSD VPS Hosting solutions, Hostbillo provides almost every web hosting service. Although the pricing may seem high at first, the specifications they provide in their VPS Server hosting are quite impressive.

Hostbillo has data centers all over the globe. This is why you can buy a VPS plan for any country you want and that helps you to connect with your target audience. This Hosting provider offers a wide range of Cheap VPS Hosting starting from $15/month and going up to $62/month.

The cheapest plan includes 1 Core CPU,1 GB RAM,25 GB SSD Storage,250 GB Bandwidth, and 1 Gbps Shared Port. the best part of Hostbillo’s web hosting services is they don’t charge extra renewal fees. You have to as the same as their starting price was.

They also offer free migration, free SSL certificate, SSH access, cPanel, Softaculous, 24/7 server monitoring, free server setup, and 7 days credit back guarantee.

Reasons to buy:

  • No extra renewal charges
  • Lots of features included in plans
  • Management
  • Experienced technical support

Reasons to avoid:

  • Stating price seems a bit high
  • 7-day credit back guarantee 

4. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud offers a variety of Web hosting services and not all of them are cloud-based. They provide virtual private servers and hardware-based servers. 

Yes, you can get VPS Hosting from IBM cloud for a minimum of 0.4$/ hour which offers 1Gb RAM and a single CPU and centOS. RAM and operating systems can be optional according to their plans. With all their plans you will get data center choices in different countries. IBM also provides backup for up to 10GB of data at no additional cost. But after 10Gb they charge a subscription fee. Also, you have to purchase a hardware firewall for more security.

Overall, it is a good company because it provides an option for hourly billing and its plans and packages come into one of the cheapest hosting plans.

Reason to buy:

  • Customizability
  • Management tools
  • Provide better security

Reasons to avoid:

  • Add-ons make it expensive
  • Various packages can confuse you


If you are finding a web hosting company to host your website in 2023 you can choose any of these companies to purchase the best VPS Hosting plan. These four companies have the most experience and offer some of the most user-friendly web hosting services. With their VPS Server plans, you can scale and grow your website at the top.