What Are The Starbucks Coffee Price In India? 

Starbucks Coffee Price In India

Starbucks is a global coffee chain that is mainly known for its premium quality coffee and innovative menu offerings. This coffee chain is widely known across the globe and in recent years, it has made its way to India.

While a lot of people just go to an actual store to buy something that they like, there are thousands of people out there that like to do some research, and if you are one of them, you came to the right place. 

One of the most asked questions about Starbucks India is the prices of their coffees or the drinks that they are offering, which is why to answer that question in this article, we will take a closer look at Starbucks coffee prices in India, exploring the various factors that influence the cost of Starbucks coffee and the company’s pricing strategy in India.

When Did Starbucks Open In India? 

Starbucks, the popular American coffee chain, made its entry into the Indian market in October 2012. The coffee company opened its first store in India in Horniman Circle, Mumbai, and has since then expanded its presence in the country. As of writing this article, it is believed that there are over 200 stores across major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

Starbucks entered India in partnership with Tata Global Beverages, which is one of India’s leading beverage companies, as part of its strategy to grow its international presence. The company has customized its menu offerings specifically in India to cater to the local palate, while still maintaining its signature premium coffee experience.

The entry of this coffee chain into India has disrupted the traditional coffee market and has set new standards for the coffee industry in the country. The company’s focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing of coffee beans, and innovative menu offerings has helped it establish a loyal customer base in India. 

In short, the entry of Starbucks into India has been well-received by both customers and industry experts, and the company continues to grow its presence in the country.

Starbucks Coffee Price In India – Latest Menu With Price 

Here is the princess of all the coffees that you can purchase from Starbucks: 

Duo Cocoa Mocha₹345
White Mocha Coconut Barfi Latte₹345
Iced Duo Cocoa Mocha₹370
Iced White Mocha Coconut Barfi Latte₹370
Duo Cocoa Mocha Frappuccino₹399
White Mocha Coconut Barfi Frappuccino₹399
Duo Cocoa Mocha Creme Frappuccino₹399
Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte₹370
Pumpkin Spice Creme Frappuccino₹399
Pumpkin Spice Cream Cold Brew₹370
Pumpkin Spice Latte₹345
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino₹399
Irish Cream Cake₹299
Peri Peri Paneer Croissant₹265
Diwali Blend (250 G)₹850
Diwali Chocolate Box 08 Pcs -2021₹645
Starbucks Signature Chocolate Box₹645
Caffe Latte₹235
Vanilla Latte₹280
Hazelnut Latte₹280
Caramel Latte₹280
Chocolate Cappuccino₹299
Caffe Mocha₹270
Caramel Macchiato₹295
White Chocolate Mocha₹270
Caffe Americano₹215
Flat White₹295
Velvet Vanilla Latte₹330
White Mocha Frappuccino₹315
Mocha Frappuccino₹315
Caramel Java Chip Frappuccino₹355
Caramel Frappuccino₹299
Coffee Frappuccino₹265
Espresso Frappuccino₹299
Vanilla Cream Frappuccino₹295
Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino₹330
Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino₹295
Green Tea Cream Frappuccino₹340
Java Chip Frappuccino₹299
Signature Hot Chocolate₹240
Cold Brew Black₹280
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew₹330
Pour Over₹220
French Press₹270
Chai Tea Latte₹240
Green Tea Latte₹240
English Breakfast Black Tea₹245
Emperors’ Clouds And Mist Green Tea₹255
Iced Shaken Black Tea₹255
Iced Shaken Green Tea₹255
Iced Shaken Hibiscus & Passion Lemonade₹260
Matcha & Espresso Fusion₹345
Hathikuli Tea (Full Pot)₹399
India Spice Majesty Blend (Full Pot)₹399
Kakori Kebab Wrap₹299
Chole Paneer Kulcha₹265
Masala Chicken Croissant₹265
Bhuna Murgh Pie₹275
Basil Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich₹295
Tandoori Paneer Sandwich – 2 Pieces₹285
Chatpata Parantha Wrap₹270
Murg Kathi Wrap₹280
Chicken Salad Sandwich- 2 Pieces₹285
Hawaiian Veg Club Sandwich₹300
Egg White & Chicken in Multigrain Croissant₹295
Chicken Naanwich₹285
Butter croissant add-on Jam₹245
Chocolate Croissant₹225
Butter Croissant with Butter₹205
Almond Butterscotch Cookie₹230
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie₹230
Chilli cheese toast₹280
Creamy spinach & corn pocket₹195
Chicken seekh pocket₹195
Blueberry Muffin₹255
Lemon Loaf cake₹255
Banana Chocolate Loaf Cake₹260
Dutch Truffle Gateau₹305
New York Cheesecake₹320
Fudgy brownie pie₹315
1L Iced Vanilla Latte₹543
1L Cold Brew Black₹571
1L Iced Shaken Hibiscus & Lemonade₹567
1L Iced Signature Chocolate₹571
Tall Cappuccino with Egg White & Chicken in Multigrain Croissant₹555
Signature Hot Chocolate & basil tomato & mozzarella cheese sandwich₹535
Hazelnut Latte & butter croissant with butter₹485
Java Chip Frappuccino & chilli cheese toast₹579
Caffe Americano & butter croissant with butter₹420
Caramel Frappuccino & double chocolate chip cookie₹529
Caffe Latte & basil tomato & mozzarella cheese sandwich₹530
Italian Roast Whole Bean Coffee & Been There Series India Mug₹1429
Espresso Roast 125 gm & Been There Series Mumbai Mug₹992
Columbia VIA & Been There Series India Mug₹1334
Blonde Roast 250 gm & French Press (4 Cups)₹2450
Espresso Roast 125 gm & French Press (4 Cups)₹1990
Italian Roast Whole Bean & French Press (4 Cup) (Plastic Frame)₹2334
Pack of 3 Bottled Frappuccino – Coffee Frappuccino, Mocha Frappuccino & Caramel Frappuccino₹786
Pack of 2 VIA Instant Coffee – Colombia VIA & Italian Roast VIA₹1239
Italian Roast VIA & Classic Starbucks Siren Mug₹1429
India Estates Blend₹714
Blonde Roast (125 Gms)₹358
Espresso Roast (125 Gms)₹277
Blonde Roast (250 Gms)₹715
Espresso Roast (250 Gms)₹553
Italian Roast₹714
Italian roast.₹619
Coffee Frappuccino₹286
Mocha Frappuccino₹286
Caramel Frappuccino₹286
Almond Biscotti₹153
Roasted Almonds₹172
Roasted Cashews₹172
Himalayan Sparkling₹105
Roasted & Salted Almonds (50 Gms )₹172
Roasted & Salted Cashews(50 Gms )₹172
Almond Biscotti(50 Gms )₹153
Hazelnut Chocolate Bites(50 Gms )₹143
Salted Almond Chocolate Bites(50 Gms )₹143
Starbucks Mint- Pink Grapefruit₹143
Enjuice Apple Raspberry Black Carrot₹238
Enjuice Apple Orange Carrot₹238
Himalayan Still Water₹96
Caffe Latte & basil tomato & mozzarella cheese sandwich.₹530
Caramel Frappuccino & double chocolate chip cookie.₹529
Caffe Americano & butter croissant with butter.₹420
Hazelnut Latte & butter croissant with butter.₹485
Signature Hot Chocolate & basil tomato & mozzarella cheese sandwich.₹535
Java Chip Frappuccino & chilli cheese toast.₹579

Where Can You Buy These Drinks? 

If you are in India and you are trying to Starbucks drinks but wondering where you can, you can by visiting Starbucks-branded cafes, which can be found in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata, among others. Starbucks stores in India can be found in high-traffic areas such as malls, airports, and busy commercial districts.

Not only that but Starbucks drinks can also be ordered through the Starbucks app or through online food delivery platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats, allowing customers to enjoy Starbucks coffee from the comfort of their own homes. So if you want to check out if they are available in your city, you can check out these applications. 

Finally, there are some premium supermarkets and department stores in India that are selling Starbucks coffee beans, coffee pods, and other merchandise, making it easy for customers to stock up on their favorite Starbucks products. 

Summary – Starbucks Coffee Price 2023

Starbucks Coffee prices in India have remained competitive in 2023. Their brand is known for offering a premium coffee experience to customers since day one. If you are wondering about the prices of Starbucks coffee, you have to keep in mind that they vary depending on the type of beverage and location, with an average tall-sized brewed coffee costing between INR 140 to INR 250. Specialty drinks, such as lattes and flavored coffee, can be priced higher, typically between INR 250 to INR 550 or even more. Starbucks drinks can be purchased at Starbucks cafes or ordered through the Starbucks app and online food delivery platforms.